Hi, I’m Kevin.

An urbanite, forever curious of cultures, BBQ-foodie, explorer of places to snorkel.

Raised in New York City, family roots in Seoul, influenced by New Zealand, and now making my rounds in Barcelona, Spain. Alumnus of University of NSW (Sydney).

Fueled by design, traveling, photography, blues music, team sports, random events and engaging conversations.

Seeking to be continually inspired and find other like-minded people, to learn from and to share experiences with.

Currently I serve a multinational company as a UX leader to strategize & shape it’s company culture to become UX driven and customer-centric. Aside from my day-job, passion projects keeps me hungry and kindle my passion for UX/ interaction & product design. What motivates me is helping people realize their digital goals from the first kick-off meeting to the finished product. I’ve been designing experiences since 1995–in forms of websites, software, interactive kiosks, panels on industrial printers, it really didn’t matter actually. I’ve used design as a way to facilitate clients sell products, make audiences laugh, cry, and sometimes open their eyes.

The story-telling aspect to delight people is what excites me mostly. The past 15 years in Europe have carried me to direct & manage projects with wonderful teams of specialists as well as interesting clients with unique ideas. Prior to that I can credit Australia & NZ in providing excellent projects which was integral in shaping my view of the digital industry.

My career interest in User-Centric applications, UX in web/mobile, video presentations/animations, eCommerce allowed me to keep learning, and be humble. Brand development, marketing & advertising have been a constant also as I’ve worked with agencies such as Singletons Ogilvy & Mather, Aquent, Grey Group. I’ve served 2 years with General Electric as an IT project manager & UX evangelist.